Thrive Write

Teach Better Conclusions

Writing conclusion paragraphs seem to be one of the biggest challenges for students.

Even if they can write an amazing paper, when they get to the conclusion they lose their momentum and write only a few sentences.

They don't know what else to say because they feel like they've said everything they could have said already in the paper.

The writing suggestion we tell them is useless when we tell them:
-Say what you're going to say
-Say it
-and then say what you said.

It doesn't work.

The Journey to Connection is what has helped me to help them.

1. This teaches students to write a solid conclusion sentence-by-sentence.

2. It makes their connection to the essay topic more interesting.

3. They also end their paper feeling confident that they are proud of what they've written.

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    What you get:

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    What Thrive Write?

    The curriculum is naturally differentiated because it asks students to gather evidence and use the evidence to support their claims.

    That means that struggling students, including ESL/ELD and Sped students, all the way to honors students can apply the content at their level. In these activities, there is truly no… wrong… answer. The only wrong answer is not trying.

    These lessons have been used successfully in alternative schools, continuation schools, private schools, charter schools, and public schools.